JeeNode – wireless communication

…messing around with JeeNode, Arduino, Max/Msp… quite easy wireless sensor communication                 … more below

all done on mac (osx 10.5, 10.6) , using following


arduino (don´t forgt baude rate 57600),  processing, max/msp… (or whatever can read serial ports)

and hardware:

Jeenode, Jeelink, UsbBUB(usb – serial adapter)

and sensors:

flex sensor, pushbuttons (using the internal pull up resistors)

for uploads to Jeenode and Jeelink in Arduino (Jeelink with „arduino Uno“ board, the JeeNode via a USBBUB as „arduino duemeilanove atmega328“ board for programming and initializing):

send via arduino serial monitor for usb-jeelink (receive):

8b 5g 30i

send via arduino serial monitor for jeelink node (send):

8b 5g 1i

node stick= jeelink in arduino ARDUINO UNO
usb bub in arduino: duemilanova 328
install this arduino library: RF12.h library
#include <RF12.h> //
#include <Ports.h>