XBee + Arduino = wireless sensor

an XBeeShield on an Arduino sending wirelessly to the max/msp serial-object via the XbeeUsbExplorer    …..read more below

all done on mac (osx 10.5, 10.6) , using following


arduino (must), coolTerm (must), processing, max/msp… (whatever can read serial ports)

and hardware:

arduino Atmega328, xbeeshield, xbee usb explorer, 2 xbees (series 1 worked great in this case, series 2 seems to be more difficult)

and sensors:

heart rate monitor shield (heart beat detection with polar heart beat monitors) flex sensor, 100k potentiometers, 1 k resistors, pushbuttons

collTerm look like this (local echo is tagged „on“, every other option is default)

breadboard for 3 potentiometer and 4 buttons