TR-808 Kickdrum Clone WORKSHOP 16. und 17.12


to do something good, in this case, spreading more bass frequencies over the planet, we are going to clone the famous kickdrum-unit of the roland tr-808 on friday 16. and saturday 17. of december.

costs for the parts for one unit will be close to 50€ (incl. power supply). as we’re not going to build only one, it will get cheaper. likely drop down to 30+, depending on how many clones there are going to be.

(if you happen to already have a +/-12 or 15V dual power supply, the price is going down another 15€)

we are going to etch pcb’s before the workshop. so it’s going to be a fun job then. helping hands for that will be very welcome.

if you’re interested, or already sure that you also need one, please write us until 24. 11. 2011.

please note: due to limitations in space and soldering irons (mainly), we sadly announce that the maximum number of clones will be 15. so be fast.


please note also:

if you want to play this module, you’ll need to trigger it. which is not hard but also not part of the workshop.

you can use the power supply for later diy-synth stuff. like a 2nd bassdrum.


infos für gehäuse etc.

bassdrum platine (ca): 50*70mm ; 20mm höhe min.

power supply: 107*61mm ; 30mm höhe min.

potentiometer: 6mm Achsdurchmesser, 10mm Durchmesser Schraubgewinde

audio-out: 10mm Schraubgewinde (eventuell auch trig-in)